GameDev and Gaming

Track 2


The Gaming track, in collaboration with Gaming Club@IIITH, brings developers and gamers together to have some fun! 

Event 1 - Game Dev Event: Participants will make playable games with a constraint on the file size (less than 24kb) in javascript.

Prizes: OSDG Swags + prizes from a pool of 10,000 INR for top three winners

Register: (by December 14, 2021 at 10 am IST)

Event 2 - Valorant Tournament: Teams of 5 participate in this Valo tourney. All matches will live-streamed on Twitch at The Gaming Club's channel!

Prizes: OSDG Swags + Prizes from a pool 45,000 INR for top 3 winning teams

Register: Registrations closed.
(Only college students allowed)

and Gaming


Spans entire summit

9th December to
11th December

11th December

Game Dev Event

Valorant Tournament: Preliminary rounds

Valorant Tournament: Round of 8 begins