Hacking and Security

Track 3

and Security


The Hacking

Welcome to the Hacking & Security Track by 0x1337 IIITH. We’ve put together an event that’s sure to put you on the edge of your seat!

Event - Tambola CTF: Presenting TambolaCTF, a jeopardy-style CTF but with a twist! Here individual contestants solve CTFs arranged on a Tambola/Bingo like sheet and rewards are obtained for achievements like ” First Row” or the ultimate feat “FULL HOUSE”. Feel the thrill of solving, not against the clock, but against fellow participants to mark as many squares as possible!

Prizes: OSDG Swags and prizes form a pool of 40,000 INR based on position of solved problems in the Tambola.

Register: https://forms.gle/wkfEtmPFX28zPvQ96 (by 12th December 2021 @ 5pm)


6pm, 12th December 2021 to

6pm, 13th December 2021

A 24-hour long CTF with a live leaderboard.