Machine Learning

Track 4

This track encourages making ML more intuitive by focusing on visualisation and usage of algorithms, rather than implementation. Tinker with ML problems of your choice and watch the neural network transform!

The event: 

Focused especially on beginners, use your understanding and creativity to visualise any ML use case, or an ML algorithm of your choice! For example, how does text recognition work? or what about fraud detection?

Use any medium of choice, be it a video, an interactive webapp, or even a ppt for that matter. All we care about is how clear and accurate your visualisation is, and the creativity which went into it!

Prizes: OSDG Swags + prizes from a pool of 25,000 INR for the top 3 teams

Register: (by midnight, 9th December 2021 IST)

Example submission: Go to, navigate to the 'illustrations' tab and tada! Play the grid game given using the arrow keys and learn how your model knows how to navigate!



9th December 2021

11th December to 14th December 2021

Noon, 14th December 2021

Submission of ideas

Shortlisted teams code their ideas/get the ideas presentation ready

Winners submit their work demo along with a readme/guide explaining it